2019 Submission Categories

The Built Environment

From photographs of historic buildings that speak to a small town’s past, night photographs of roadways and bridges that depict the movement of people in and out of a bustling city, to creative captures of modern, urban architecture that highlight innovation and progress, the built environment provides endless photographic opportunities for the discerning eye. Show us what you find interesting in the built environment.

The Natural Environment

In this category we want to see how you view the natural world in all its glory or its wreckage. Whether it’s captivating landscape photos from your trip to Iceland, the impact of climate change on our fragile planet, or a stunning capture of the owl that comes to visit you, show us your best photographs of the natural environment. We are looking for images that have a strong visual impact and tell us something unique, interesting, or important about the natural world around us.

Visual Storytelling

Tells us a story in one image! A single image has the potential to arrest us, make us cry, laugh, stop and think, teach us something, or feel empowered. We are looking for images that hold a narrative, whether that be through journalism, street photography, documentary work, creative storytelling, or something that challenges the genre. Confront us with a compelling image, make us think, and look twice.

Still Life

Whether it’s yesterdays’ birthday roses standing in a vase lit by a window or an elaborately staged scene of inanimate objects that tells the viewer a story, still life photography dates back to photography’s inception and is also one of the oldest genres of visual art. Still life photographs give us pause and encourage the viewer to look closely. We are looking for attention to composition, light and shadow, and form and texture, but the subject matter is your choice. How are you reinterpreting or pushing the limits of this classic genre?


The possibilities are endless in this category. Show us how you’re pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium, experimenting with different techniques, or just seeing things differently. Conceptual work goes beyond documentation and representation to create new meanings. We want to see your unique vision and ideas translated into a photograph!

Alternative Process

Do you spend hours working away in the darkroom perfecting your collodion pour just to make that perfect tintype? If so, this category is for you! From daguerreotypes to platinum prints and everything in between, we are looking for artists working in alternative photographic processes. Submissions to this category can be of any subject matter, but must be technically well executed and demonstrate some level of proficiency in the process. We often view and interact with images in a digital format these days, show us that there are many alternative ways to make and view a photograph.


Submission Guidelines

Please read through the submission guidelines below. We regret that entries that do not follow the submission rules and guidelines cannot be considered.

Contestants may submit up to 3 photographs in total into the juried competition. Please submit to the category that best represents your work. You may submit to more than one category, but you cannot submit the same image to multiple categories. Each photograph will be judged individually.

*Please review the detailed descriptions of each submission category above before making your selection(s).

  • The Built Environment

  • The Natural Environment

  • Visual Storytelling

  • Still Life

  • Conceptual

  • Alternative Process

Submission Format

Read and follow the instructions carefully.

Please complete the submission form.

There will be an opportunity to upload your images directly into the form.

Image files should be no larger than 1800 pixels (long side) at 72dpi, under 2MB, and should be submitted as JPEG. Please label all image files as follows:


Example: McDonaldLinda_TreesintheWind_1_TheNaturalEnvironment

*Successful artists will be notified of the jury’s decision in relation to their submitted photograph(s) by email on September 18, 2019. If selected, artists agree to donate for sale an exhibition-quality print of the image(s) selected and deliver to the RMG by October 15, 2019 at 5:00pm.

Competition Rules

 Participation in the RMG Exposed Photography Competition and Auction indicates your complete acceptance and acknowledgement that you have read, understand and accept these rules.


  • RMG Exposed is open to all photographers except employees of the RMG, and the immediate families of such employees.

  • All funds raised at RMG Exposed Photography Competition and Auction support community and art education projects at the RMG.

  • Each image must be original photography taken by the contestant.

  • Photo Competition award winners and auction selections will be chosen by the jury, based on artistic and technical merit. Decision of the jury will be final.

  • Artists will be notified of the jury’s decision in relation to their submitted photograph(s) by email on September 18, 2019. If selected, artists agree to donate for sale an exhibition-quality print of the image(s) selected to the RMG by October 15, 2019 at 5:00pm.

  • If selected, we ask that all image(s) be printed a minimum of 8 x 10 inches and maximum of 24 x 36 inches.

  • The RMG will matte and/or mount all works for public preview and sale. Special care will be taken in the handling of all prints.

  • Prize winners will be announced during the event on November 9th, 2019. Any works received after the deadline are not eligible for prizes.

  • The RMG will offer selected artists one complimentary RMG Exposed ticket. The RMG will also offer a charitable tax receipt to artists for their work up to $1,000. As a “thank you” to the selected artists, the RMG will also issue a one-year RMG Artist Membership to the named donor. Artists wishing to purchase a companion ticket may purchase 1 at a reduced rate of $20.00. Companion tickets are available via phone and only until October 31, 2019.

  • Contestants must be the sole owner of the copyright for all images and are responsible for model releases on any image submitted. As such, the contestant holds the RMG harmless from any breach of copyright in Canada, the U.S.A. or internationally.

  • Copyright of all images will remain with the photographer, with the following limitations:

  • All award-winning entries and silent auction selections become the property of the RMG to be sold at RMG Exposed 2019.

  • The RMG will claim right to use selected entries without payment of fees, in publicity, promotion or advertisement in support of RMG Exposed 2019.

  • The RMG reserves the right to reproduce the image digitally and in print in marketing and promoting RMG Exposed events for a maximum of two years. When used, the submission will be marked with the proper credit line to the artist.

  • Successful purchasers of a work at RMG Exposed will own the printed work purchased, but do not own copyright of the image. No other rights are included or implied.

  • By entering this contest, all entrants agree to release, discharge and hold harmless The Robert McLaughlin Gallery and its partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising agencies, agents and their employees, officers, directors, and representatives from any claims, losses, and damages arising out of their participation in this competition or any competition-related activities and the acceptance and use, misuse, or possession of any prize awarded hereunder.

  • If a photograph does not sell at the RMG Exposed event, the artist will be contacted and must arrange for pick-up of artwork by December 15, 2019. If artwork is not picked up by that time, the artwork will become property of the RMG to be used for future fundraising purposes.


Thank you for your interest in RMG Exposed!

We sincerely appreciate each entry into our competition, but please note that only those accepted into the competition and auction will be notified.